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House survived 158 mph winds for over 11 hours and a 17 ft. storm surge

“House survived 158 mph winds for over 11 hours and a 17 ft. storm surge.. It still stands. A little worse for wear but it didn’t go anywhere. “

5 Things to Know When Choosing Your Modular Home Company

Your new modular home is too important to purchase blindly. You’ve done your research and have concluded that a modular home is exactly what you want. They are faster to get into, you get to choose where to put them, they are less expensive, and easier to customize specifically for your lifestyle. Yes, a new […]

Stay Strong Texas

Our hearts go out to all those across Texas who were affected by Hurricane Laura. Our deepest appreciation and thanks go out to all first responders and volunteers. We know the hard work of clean up continues. We encourage you to consider Modular Homes Of America before you move forward with any re-building. Modular Homes […]

Tiny Homes, Affordable Living With All The Essentials

Modular Homes of America Presents Tiny Homes — Love the idea of the simple minimalistic life? You can get it with a Tiny Home.  Cozy living in a small space means there less to take care of, lower cost to maintain, more time to do what you love.  Join the tiny house movement and start […]