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Modular Homes of America was founded on the concept that home design, construction and purchasing should be an easy, fun and exciting process. We partner with the nations finest modular home manufacturers, recognized for unsurpassed standards and the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship. By choosing Modular Homes of America you are guaranteed better materials, construction and timely completion of your modular home. We are with you every step of the way and offer a home buying experience you will want to share with your friends. Contact us now and let us show you the difference today!

Why Modular Homes of America?

Modular Homes of America has hundreds of floor plans to choose from in order to customize your new home. With the help of our experienced designers, we will walk you though our unique model homes located in Tyler, TX to ensure you select exactly what fits within your budget. We are one of the few modular home builders that will custom design and build your home. If you dream it, we will build it. When you are ready to explore the possibilities offered in a modular home, stop by or give us a call.  

Basic Construction

8’6″ Flat ceilings
2×4 Interior walls 24″ O.C. with 2×4 bottom and top plate 
2×4 Marriage walls 16″ O.C. with 2×4 bottom and top plate
2×6 Exterior walls 16″ O.C. 2×6 bottom and top plate
Floor Decking: 3/4″ Oriented Stand Boad (OSB) 
2×8 Floor joists @ 24″ O.C. in all homes
Floors: R-11, Wall R-19, Roof R-30
Condensation control ventilation system includes: mechanical turban roof vents, continuous eave venting, ventalaire air transfer system, ventilation baffles used to ensure correct air flow
Dormer on front side with standard roof
Minimum 2×4 rafters 24″ O.C. 
Cross member 4’0″ O.C.
Outriggers 8’0″ O.C.
Electrostatic chassis paint process
12″ x 11.8#/ft. I-beams used for each chassis

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Modular Home?

A modular home is a home which is built section by section in a controlled production facility and then transported and assembled on your home site. Unlike mobile homes, a modular home is not meant to be moved once built as they are set on a permanent concrete or pier and beam foundation. Because of this, they are treated just like a traditional home you would buy in a neighborhood. The controlled production facility equates to a lower price per square foot than a stick-built home due to the efficiency of the building process and the builder’s ability to purchase mass amounts of materials at a lower price. Just as a traditional home, modular homes can be completely customized to fit your needs and budget. These homes are also perfect for landowners who do not live close to populated areas where traditional stick-built home builders typically build. The transportation process allows for these homes to be placed wherever your property is located in half the construction time.

What is a Manufactured Home?

A manufactured home (commonly known as a mobile home or trailer house in the United States) is a type of prefabricated housing that is largely assembled in a factory and then transported to a site for use. The definition of the term in the United States is regulated by federal law (Code of Federal Regulations, 24 CFR 3280): Manufactured homes are built as dwelling units of at least 320 square feet (30 m2) in size with a permanent chassis to assure the initial and continued transportability of the home. The requirement to have a wheeled chassis permanently attached differentiates “manufactured housing” from other types of prefabricated homes, such as modular homes.

Financing A Problem?

A unique feature of a modular home is the fact that banks consider a modular home the same as a stick-built home when appraising the value and financing. Because of this, the mortgage rate on a modular home is usually significantly lower than that of a manufactured home. Insurance companies also treat modular homes just as a stick-built home which equates to much lower premiums than on a manufactured home.

What’s the construction process?

The construction process of a modular home happens in a controlled production facility which means zero exposure to the elements and no rain delays. The home is then transported to the site and placed on its foundation. At this point, the home is approximately 90% complete. Your floor coverings, walls and ceiling finishes, ceiling fans, outside siding and shutters, kitchen cabinets, sink, refrigerator, stove and dishwasher are all included in the build. In addition, the construction of your modular home happens simultaneously with the prep work on your build site. This includes all permitting, surveys, grading and the foundation. All of this allows for a much quicker construction timeline compared to a site-built home.

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